• The Final Countdown

    11 years ago

    And so it begins - the final six weeks until the big day!

    First round of invites are out (and only a few weeks late!) so check your mailboxes.

    Nick and I have been busy putting together the smaller details now that the big ones are taken care of, but we're keeping it all secret, so dont ask.

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  • Vendor Spotlight: Natalie G. Photography

    11 years ago

    Yet another thing checked off, and boy do I feel good about it.

    I fell in love with Natalie's style after seeing the shots of a friend of a friend's wedding.  Natural, stunning, perfect for us!  Not to mention, she's been patient as I've sorted through some epic busy times. 

    We'll post some engagement shots soon (after 13 months, with 2 months to go? I know, we suck at this.)

  • Vendor Spotlight: Catering by Asado

    11 years ago

    There are so many options for catering in the Seattle/Tacoma area that a person can get overwhelmed (and very fat) trying to pick the right one. 
    Sifting over hundreds of webpages and reviews did little to narrow my pick and it didnt change the fact that this would all be wedding food. 
    Chicken? Beef? Doesn't matter, it will all be chewy.

    A few months back Nick and I were just heading out for a saturday night to our favorite restaurant, Asado.  We spent the evening delighting in our meals when it hit us - why dont we have them cater?  A part from being delicious and truly a favorite, it also reflects a part of our history.

    On Sixth Ave for about 4 years, they've served us some of the most amazing Argentine-inspired meals anyone could hope for.  The smell from the grill routinely wafted over to the Starbucks next door where I worked, meaning I spent 6 months perpetually craving meat.  As I was a barista, and Nick was a college student we couldn't justify the expense of a full dinner, but would often sample from the bar menu (which I still suggest as it's just as fabulous.)

    When Nick got his first real job, we celebrated at Asado.  When I left the stores and moved up to Starbucks corporate, we celebrated at Asado.  It's just fancy enough to feel like a special occasion but never uptight.  If you live in Tacoma or anywhere nearby, you HAVE to stop by and try it. 

  • 3 months! EEEEK

    11 years ago

    I can't believe how time flies when you're avoiding doing work! 

    With the holidays finally over, I can focus my attention to our impending nuptials and perhaps stop having those nightmares where we end up serving lunchables in a church basement to 200 very disappointed people.

    So if I wasn't already stressed enough, I have decided to list out all the half completed tasks...here goes nothing

    * Found an amicable caterer and decided on a menu.  Now we actually have to buckle down and get a contract. 

    * Done. Breathe.

    *Mine is purchased and in my closet, just waiting for the day to take it for final fitting and whatnot.
    *Veil and other pretties purchased - still missing SHOES
    *Bridesmaids dresses decided on, still waiting on bridesmaid feedback

    * No tux.  No groomsmen either.  What the heck, Nicholas?!?!

    *Got some vases and a general idea.  Gonna go curl up and cry now.

    The funny thing is this is all I have at the moment.  I have a billion more things to do.  I need a clone. Or a unsuspecting patsy...

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  • Making Progress

    11 years ago

    The interwebs may have been fairly silent as of late, but we have been hard at work behind the scenes getting ready for April. Even so, it seems there is always so much to do, with very little time available to do it.

    Ashley has been hard at work assembling our invitations, which we have decided to create ourselves. With her exceptional eye for design, I have to say I was not surprised at how impressive they turned out. I think you all will be equally impressed when you find them in your mailboxes!

    Perhaps the biggest news to report is that we have secured three major components for the wedding. The Pagoda (our venue) has been reserved, Ashley has ordered her dress, and the guest list has been finalized. It seems things are starting to fall into place! With those burdens lifted, we are now looking at what comes next...

  • And were LIVE!

    11 years ago

    Yes it may be a bit premature as we have done next to nothing as far as planning goes.  But hey, we have a website!  And isnt that what really matters?

    So maybe Im exaggerating a bit when I say weve got nothing done.  We have a date and a place and colors picked out.  An old Williams family friend has graciously offered to perform the ceremony and I *might*have actually found my dress.  And I have yet to scream, cry, yell, or throw things.  Things are looking good!

    As you can see, we have a lovely countdown display on the main page.  It will be fun to see how the number of days goes down while the number of all-caps posts goes up.  Keep checking in for all the fun to come!

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